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Marijuana LeafWhy Should Marijuana be Legal in the US?

Good and interesting question, isn’t it? We should not be asking why marijuana should be legal; let the government convince us why marijuana shouldn’t be legal. Making the situation worse, none of the contentions in favor of the prohibition of the use of marijuana are quite convincing. We need to work as a team to present a strong case why we should be pushing for marijuana legalization. This is what Marijuana Society is for. At present, about 29 states and a territory allow some form of marijuana legalization. Majority of these jurisdiction allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Medical marijuana is about the closest thing we can have marijuana. There are a handful of states today allow for the recreational use of marijuana, of course, there is California, Maine and Colorado to name some.

Never mind the time when Miley Cyrus smoked a joint on stage. Some celebrities have proven marijuana can be a helpful tool to treat serious health issues. Marijuana is something that science could shrug away. In fact, CNN’s chief medical correspondent and neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta changed his mind on “weed”. He even apologized for dismissing the potential of marijuana to cure diseases. Instead of looking at the situation where people are just looking to get high, Gupta said, there is no real evidence to support the contention marijuana has a high potential for abuse. He further added, “sometimes marijuana is the only thing that works.” Tommy Chong is best known for his roles in Cheech & Chong and TV’s That ‘70s Show, he is using cannabis in his everyday life. Chong was diagnosed with prostate cancer and has been using hemp oil and cannabis and now using marijuana to continue with his battle with rectal cancer. Another star, Whoopi Goldberg used cannabis to relieve her of eye and head pain as a result of her glaucoma. Before she got diagnosed with breast cancer, rock-star Melissa Etheridge never used marijuana, but she is now. Etheridge has been using marijuana for medical purposed to deal with the side effects of her affliction. After a car crash, Morgan Freeman experienced pain on his hand. He uses weed to help with managing the pain for years. He intimated in some interviews that he has no plan of stopping anytime soon. These are just some well-known personalities who use medical marijuana and have been saved from pain and the struggle of their affliction due to the use of weed.

The legislation against marijuana has been standing on shaky ground. Laws exist for the benefit of the greater good. However, the government has no right to tell you what is good and what is bad for you. The government shouldn’t be better than you when it comes knowing what is best. There is no good result when the government becomes the guardian of morality. We at Marijuana Society think that the enforcement of anti-marijuana is unnecessarily cruel. A number of lives are being denied of the treatment they deserve. It is not just the patients who may be able to benefit from the use of marijuana. Some 700,000 Americans are being arrested per year for possessing a plant that may have the key to help people get well and with a doubtful reason to believe it is susceptible for abuse. Needless to say, smoking and alcohol are legal, but they have proven time and time again to be more dangerous to the health than marijuana. It is unfortunate that marijuana is getting a bad rep because of the opinion of some people about the potential for abuse when there is no solid proof for it. It is lamentable, the current Trump administration, has been gearing up to clamp down on marijuana use. The backward outlook of the US government on marijuana has again used the fear factor. Those who are against use the unreliable data about abuse leading to violence.

Here’s the kicker, there is no substantial data linking marijuana use with traffic accidents, but alcohol is legal and it has been causing accidents for the past several years. Alcohol has remained legal in the US. This is despite the fact it has been linked to many accidents, societal problems, which may include domestic violence and personal accidents. The numbers don’t lie. Annually, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports, 37,000 Americans die due to alcohol abuse—and the number of accidental deaths due to alcohol is reported elsewhere. On the other hand, the death related to the use of marijuana: zero, zilch, nada. In fact, alcohol overdose is lethal as there has been no report of any death as a result of marijuana overdose. The costs of health issues related to alcohol are more than those associated with marijuana use. Steven Markoff wrote in, alcohol has been proven to be more addictive than marijuana. Weed is even far less addictive than any other widely used substances. Finally, alcohol has been proven to damage the brain and linked to cancer; marijuana does not damage the brain and has shown to be a potent cure for cancer.

Needing a new way to raise revenues? Marijuana Society took a deeper look and found a goldmine in there. A report from New Frontier Data says in 2017 states may be able to collect $655 million in state taxes from cannabis, more than what can be collected from alcohol. The forecast of the same report said the revenues from taxes due to legalized use of marijuana may reach $1.8 billion. This is money that can be used by the states to provide social services, healthcare and other socially-relevant government projects.

We at Marijuana Society strongly agree tha the opioids and hard drugs are a serious problem. These are the drugs that lead to death and violence over control of territories. It is something that we don’t see in marijuana use. In Colorado, where recreational use of marijuana is legal, the crime rate has dropped by 15 percent and murder by half. How about your latte? It turns out, marijuana is less addictive than your coffee, how’s that? The most beautiful thing of all, is allowing patients who are struggling with the health with the tools necessary to give them a better quality of life and in the words of Dr. Gupta, “sometimes marijuana is the only thing that works.” We at Marijuana Society are here to prove the point that cannabis should be legal in every state. If you agree, join Marijuana Society and let’s legalize it!